alternative resources of energy and the environment


During the last years natural disasters like thunderstorms, floods and droughts became more frequent. Many scientists contribute these catastrophes to the climate change, which is mainly caused by the use of fossil fuels. However, mankind strongly relates on these sources of energy and at the moment there are only few alternative resources.

The project "Alternative resources of energy and the environment (AREE)” addresses these issues. It focuses on energy production and its distribution within the EU as well as on environmental problems, which are caused by the use of these resources. Furthermore, it is intended to show up and model possible solutions for the mentioned energy problem, with a focus on renewable energies and other environmentally friendly technologies.

The objectives of the project are to: 1) Show how renewable energies can be produced and how they can be used. 2) Show how the environment is affected by using fossil fuels and what can be done to minimize negative effects on the environment. 3) Increase the awareness of our use of energy. 4) Demonstrate how resources can be saved in private houses by using energy efficient technologies and construction methods.

During the project we will address these objectives by several means:

Investigating the European energy system: How is energy produced and how much does it cost? What investments are necessary to change to renewable energies?

Construction of small-scale power plants (e.g. windmills, watermills, solar panels)

Investigating the degree of pollution that is caused by the use of fossil fuels through analytical methods.

Constructing models of energy-efficient houses: What technologies can be used to reduce energy consumption in private housing?

Duration of the Project:

The Project will be carried out between September 2011 and June 2013.


The project is funded by the EU and is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. The participating schools are responsible for the content of the website.


The project