Skeiene ungdomsskole



town & school

We are a secondary school (13-16 years old pupils) in the suburbs of Sandnes, the 8th largest city, only 15 km south of Stavanger on the south west coast of Norway. Our school has students from all social layers, and also a few imigrants. 

The school has for many years been involved in international projects, many of the Comenius projects.   We have experienced that international projects gives our staff and pupils unique possibilities for learning and experiencing similarities and differences between countries and places in Europe.

Our town is very much connected with energy production as many national and international oil/energy companies have their offices here because of the big oil and gas production off the coast.   In the mountains we have large hydro-electric plants that produce most of our electricity.


Skeiene ungdomsskole

Vårveien 9

4319 Sandnes


Tel.: +4751973600