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Langon is a French town, situated in Aquitaine, in south west of France.It is located 50km away from Bordeaux, 17km away from “natural park of Gascogne”, about 80km away from the sea and about 200km from the mountains. The town is 13,7km² surface, with about 8000 inhabitants. The river “la Garonne” passes through the town, which is a semi rural area, in a vineyard place.

The school:

Lycee Jean Moulin is a high school with more than 900 pupils, aged from 14 to 19.

Pupils learn French, mathematics, history, geography, sport, physics and chemistry, economics, biology and geology, languages (English, Spanish, and German), mechanics and engineering. They can learn as well Latin, arts, Occitan…

For several years, pupils are given the opportunity of studying physics, civics and philosophy in English.

We are involved in several European actions:

  1. Exchanges with Germany: for three months (Brigitte Sauzay program), for six months (Voltaire program), for two weeks (to make a professional stage in the other country.

  2. Exchanges with other country: two months with United States, with Australia…

  3. Project in a class of second: to discover another scholar system. With a class from Birmingham.

  4. Comenius project: Alternative resources of energy and the environment. With 5 other countries.


Lycée Jean Moulin

1 Boulevard François Mauriac

33210 Langon


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