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“Juan de Lanuza” Secondary School is located in Borja, in the province of Zaragoza in the Autonomous Community of ARAGÓN in Spain. We are 60 Km. away from the regional capital Zaragoza and also we are halfway through BARCELONA and MADRID,  300 Km. North of MADRID and 300km. west of BARCELONA.

– We are connected to all major cities in Spain and Europe through an extensive network of highways and fast speed trains.

It is a regional and rural Center that gathers students of 18 small towns in the area - in the levels of Secondary, Postobligatory Education and a small branch of vocational studies for students who want to become cooks.

The regional dispersion of the students - the maximum distance is 20 Kms. - forces to the daily displacement of approximately 175 pupils (56 % of the total), which are distributed in 7 lines of transport.

In the compulsory secondary school there are the” Programa de Aprendizaje Básico (1º y 2º ESO) y Diversificación (3º y 4º ESO), a Unit of Educational Intervention (UIEE) and PCPI, for students who are not as motivated or need more individual attention. The Comenius Project that we request would include the pupils of the program of Diversification of both courses and the UIEE too.

Our pupils are very heterogeneous, with very different social and labour origins and with a great variety of personal and familiar situations, motivation and attitude related to the study and expectations of future.

The School was, for several years, a Center of Integration. Because of that, it has a Classroom of Special Education to attend  pupils with psychic and motor disabilities, for this reason, is a center adapted that does not possess architectural barriers and possess adapted bath, stretcher, derrick, elevator and ramps which future pupils will be able to enjoy.

The number of pupils proceeding from other nationalities has gone increasing progressively in the last years. This increase has made necessary, from the course 2007/08, a classroom of Spanish for immigrant pupils, to be able to attend his problems with the language and help his integration.


Instituto de Educación Secundaria Juan de Lanuza

50440 Borja


Tel.: +34 976867368

Fax: +34 976852627